MAMA RADIO on its way to 7.2 million people

Posted on May 08, 2023

Women and girls across social classes in DRC have long voiced their need for a channel to learn about gender-related issues and make their voices heard. MAMA RADIO does just that. MAMA Radio is on its way to broadcasting to 7.2 million people in South Kivu, DRC Women and girls across social classes in DRC […]

Title free and clear: Women win rights to their own land in Miti-Murhesa

Posted on Sep 14, 2020

Every day, in defiance of the law, Congolese women are driven away from land that rightfully belongs to them — sometimes by neighbors, often by their own families, and too often with impunity. “Women’s access to land remains an enormous challenge in Congolese society, particularly in the eastern DRC,” explains Me Aline Bahati, attorney and […]