What we do

ECI envisions an eastern Congo vibrant with abundant opportunities for economic and social development, where a robust civil society can flourish. 

We believe that local, community-based approaches are the key to creating a successful society in eastern Congo. We also believe that public and private partnerships, combined with advocacy that drives public policy change and increased attention, will create new opportunities for the people of eastern Congo. And we believe that, shoulder to shoulder with Congolese innovators, we can revolutionize how the world thinks of humanitarian aid.

Ben Affleck, wearing a suit, speaks into a microphone in a U.S. Senate committee room.

Powerful advocacy

We amplify the voices of our Congolese partners by advocating, everywhere we can, for policies that draw the world’s attention to the potential of the DRC.

How we use our voice

Claudine Tsongo, an attorney, stands to give a speech. Three other people are seated to her right.

Collaborative grantmaking

ECI works shoulder to shoulder with the Congolese community organizations who are already solving the most challenging problems in the world.

The brilliance of Congolese leadership

Gaudencia Mw’Hungwe, a farmer in the Minova region of the DRC. Roasted and ground in Nespresso pods, the beans she grows will delight coffee drinkers around the world. Here a Nespresso representative prepares a cup of Gaudencia's own coffee for her to try. Photo: Gerry Kahashy

Strengthening markets

Eastern Congo is home to some of the world’s most fertile land and most skillful farmers. We help introduce the world’s markets to their abundance .

A new kind of global commerce

The Asili business model

Asili is a revolutionary model for providing lasting, world-class services in challenging places. Every day, 120,000 people in eastern Congo get clean water and state-of-the-art medical care from Asili — and we’re just getting started.

How Asili changes everything