• MAMA RADIO on its way to 7.2 million people

    Women and girls across social classes in DRC have long voiced their need for a channel to learn about gender-related issues and make their voices heard. MAMA RADIO does just that.

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  • “I think about how extraordinary women are.”

    Co-founder Whitney Williams sits down with Pour Les Femmes co-founder Robin Wright.

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  • A Future where Buildings are Safe

    NTC knew they could build better, safer, and more sustainable buildings.

    Two years in, now everyone else knows they can too.

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  • “It’s time…to rethink the way we approach aid.”

    Executive Director Abraham Leno shares 5 ideas to change international aid with USA TODAY.

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    Eastern Congo is a place of boundless potential.

    We support the Congolese people as they build health, freedom and prosperity for life. Along the way, we’re transforming humanitarian aid for good.

    Every donation to ECI helps the farmers, young leaders, survivors of sexual violence, and families in eastern Congo. Make a smart investment in humanity today.