What We Believe

A fundamental lack of good governance in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is preventing the development of a civil society that will lift the Congolese people out of the cycle of poverty. ECI believes that by addressing reform of the security sectorthe health of mothers and children, and creation of constructive economic opportunity we overcome the barriers to good governance and pave the way for progress in DRC.

Why We Believe It

Life for the average Congolese is a daily mix of personal insecurity, poor health conditions and minimal economic opportunity. At the same time, the Congolese people want peace, good health, and a chance to achieve economic prosperity. Given these prerequisites, we believe the Congolese will rise to improve their own quality of life.  

ECI’s primary advocacy objective is to focus political will on comprehensive reform of the Congolese security sector. An effective police force, military and judicial system that are sufficiently organized, resourced and trained, would provide the local and regional security upon which DRC’s other development challenges can be addressed. Catalytic leadership from the US and the European community directed towards the DRC will be critical to this effort.

ECI’s secondary advocacy objectives are to improve maternal and newborn child health and to develop economic opportunities in the DRC. A positive future for the next generation begins with the health and security of Congolese mothers and their children, and a more constructive, sustainable means to make a living for Congolese families.

ECI’S Advocacy Approach

ECI uses targeted methods to communicate directly to select individuals who can help shape policies and action in the government, academic and private sectors. Our advocacy efforts pair robust scholarly research with authentic voices from eastern Congo shared via media and strategic outreach. The issues are complex and the lack of verifiable information discourages many Congo observers from becoming Congo advocates. ECI will continue to fill the DRC information gap by gathering original source information through our work in grant making, expert field research, and direct polling. This information enables ECI to effectively engage the US executive and legislative branches, as well as the private sector through policy briefings, testimony, meetings, learning tours, published reports, and social media.

ECI’s Advocacy Messages

ECI exists to increase awareness, attention and focus on the issues impacting the Congolese and to help them find solutions in which ECI can help catalyze investment and political will. Security sector reform, maternal health, and the creation of economic opportunities are all areas in which DRC-specific solutions have been neglected or simply do not exist. We will collaborate with targeted individuals and governing bodies in the US, Europe and DRC, as well as NGOs, corporations and private investors to develop Congolese-specific solutions and advocate for their advancement.