The Fishing Women of Katana

700 Women from Maman Katana Rebuild with Fishing

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Following devastating flooding, a group of women led by Her Majesty the Mwamikazi came forward with an idea. Many women had lost their spouses, business, and land in the flood, and now needed ways to provide their families. If the fishing cooperative could improve their productivity in catching sambaza (small fish from Lake Kivu), they could train more women, increase their income, and fight against malnutrition. Funding was provided to constructe three fishing canoes for the “Maman Katana” group, launching fishing activities in the bays of Irambi, Kabamba, Kajuchu, and Mwanda.

“Thanks to these canoes, fishing will be more practical and profitable, allowing us finally to feed our children, clothe them, pay for their education, and take good care of our families. This will completely change our living conditions,”  

––Mrs. Vumilia M’Ruzuba, fisherwoman

Led by community leaders in Katana, this project, managed primarily by women, will also provide employment opportunities to local labor consisting of the husbands and children of the beneficiaries. By buying and hiring everything locally, this additional work will bolster financial stability.

This initial phase of project implementation is widely supported by the community, which is committed to investing in the project’s management and sustainability to promote economic growth in Katana. And the community continues to look ahead:

“This project will help fight malnutrition and enable beneficiary moms to increase their income to feed their families. We advocate for increased support; many women are involved in this project. Three canoes cannot cover all the needs.”

––Mukoma James, resident of Katana

As the project develops, ECI is working with the group to explore fish preservation methods as well as capacity building work. And you can get involved!

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