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ECI News June 24, 2016

This photo report is a testimony of hope, courage, love and success to give them the dignity they deserve. It can hopefully be used to promote understanding and tolerance toward people with albinism in the Congo and in the rest of Africa.” — Patricia Wilocq, Photographer. 

Photographer fights the stigma of albinism with stunning photo essay – Priscilla Frank, Huffington Post – read

Congolese politician, Jean-Pierre Bemba, sentenced to 18 years for war crimes –Marlise Simmons, New York Times – read

Stop massacres in eastern Congo and bring perpetrators to justice, urge MEPs –European Parliament – read

The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Ambassador to the United States: Who Is François Balumuene? – ALLGov – read

Congo Franc hits new low against dollar on parallel market – Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg – read

Gender-based Violence
Congo arrests politician accused of leading militia that raped children – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

New weapon to fight rape in African wars Is mobile-phone app – Colin McClelland, Bloomberg – read

Rebel-backed charcoal traffickers destroy swathes of forest in Congo: rights group – Kieran Guilbert, Reuters – read

Rebels, army seen profiting from Congo gold despite controls – Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg – read

“They fight until death” – BBC – watch 

DR Congo M23 rebels want new demobilisation scheme – AFP – read

U.N. peacekeepers kill seven Congo rebels amid inter-ethnic tensions – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

WHO weighs emergency measures to stretch yellow fever vaccine – Susan Scutti, CNN – read

US Imposes Sanctions on Kinshasa Police Chief in DRC – Ken Schwartz, Voice of America – read

U.N. Security Council urges Congo to hold election by end of year – Michelle Nichols, Reuters – read

Congo presidential hopeful given prison term in absentia – Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg – read

UN warns of looming violence in the DRC – Reuters – read

If 18-month-old girls are being gang-raped, why are the suspects still free? – Lauren Wolfe, The Guardian – read

The challenges of multi-layered security governance in Ituri – Center for Security Studies – read

The mafia in the park: A charcoal syndicate is threatening Virunga, Africa’s oldest national park – Enough Project – read

Global forced displacement hits record high – UNHCR – read

Other DRC News
Global village Congo independence special 6.30.16 – PRX – listen

DR Congo media blackout over new internet tariff – BBC – read