A joyful day in Cimpunda: Back to school, with clean hands

By Mama Salomé Kaliza, Community Engagement Manager,

and Mama Josée Ruhara, Water Operations Manager

We have the pleasure to inform you that children in Bukavu are on their way back to school. They returned to their classrooms in October, after seven months of quarantine. Today, November 13, we taught 817 children at the Furaha primary school, in Cimpunda, about proper handwashing and ways to prevent COVID-19. We were overjoyed to find the children in good spirits and with great hope — amazing ambassadors for ECI and Asili!

The children followed the lesson very attentively!

Mama Josée Ruhara, our water operations manager, explained the ways to protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus.

These children did a demonstration of correct handwashing in front of the others to show how to avoid various diseases that can be spread by dirty hands. d

We explained that you can use ashes to wash your hands too, in case you don’t have soap.

We gave the primary school tools for handwashing, a globe, and posters about handwashing to put up in the classrooms.

The children thanked Asili for taking care to protect them against COVID-19 by bringing them clean water, handwashing kits, and soap.

We taught the children the song that says, “Si tu veux être en bonne santé, laves les mains avec l’eau potable de Asili,” which means, “If you want to stay healthy, wash your hands with clean Asili water.”

“Thank you, Asili!” And thank you to the whole ECI family. Now, back to school!

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