Action for Hope

Action d’Espoir provides technical support and capacity building to farmers and cooperatives in South Kivu province, with a particular focus on empowering women and promoting gender equality in land ownership. ADE builds the farming and marketing technical capacity of rural women farmers to increase the quality and quantity of their crop production, generate additional income, and in turn increase quality of life for their families.

South Kivu Women’s Media Association

AFEM-SK is a nonprofit organization created by five women journalists in 2003.

Its members are composed of women active in South Kivu’s media and news organizations who specialize in the production of rural and urban radio shows with a major focus on women, drawing on radio clubs and local activists as a base.

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Children’s Voice

Sauti ya Watoto is a non profit organization created in 2002 by women in Goma who wanted to protect children from the atrocities of war and post-war conflicts. Its mission is to improve the lives of women and children by giving them access to social services and by advocating for their legal rights.

Christian Bilingual University of Congo

The Christian Bilingual University of Congo was created in 2007 with the mission “to model, nurture and shape an authentic, redemptive community of Christ followers.” Cultivating leaders through the integration of academics, work and service, UCBC is an accredited academic institution that equips its students to seek the restoration and renewal of the DRC.

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Group for the Education and Training of the Victims of Nyiragongo

ETN was founded in 2008 to teach at-risk youth how to integrate Goma’s workforce and run their own businesses. The center managed by

director David Ngufu trains future plumbers, welders, and auto-mechanics, as well as chefs, tailors and hairdressers.

Heal Africa

Heal Africa was founded by Dr. Jo and Lyn Lusi in 2005. The hospital focuses on the medical and social needs of the communities of eastern DRC and is known for its commitment to the employment of Africans and its leadership. Volunteers from around the world regularly provide specialized training, but the work is planned and led by those who are native to the culture.

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Panzi Foundation

Dr. Denis Mukwege established the Panzi Foundation in 2008 to provide holistic services to survivors of sexual violence. The Panzi Foundation legal clinics were founded in 2009 with the aim of providing legal and judicial services to survivors of rape and other forms of gender-based violence in the province of South Kivu.

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Program for the Promotion of Primary Health Care

PPSSP is inspired by the belief that women have a central role to play both in their family and in the nation. The organization has launched a Maternal Mortality Reduction program in Watalinga to educate women about the benefits of regular pre- and post-natal check ups, and of giving birth in a hospital.  

Support Center for Rural Development

CADERCO is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 that focuses on women’s rights, children, conflict, and peace in North and South Kivu provinces. Its main mission is to advocate for the rights of the most vulnerable in society, improving the lives of farming communities and providing women with social services and access to justice.  

Women Lawyers’ Movement

La Dynamique des Femmes Juristes was founded in 2006. Its mission is to promote the rule of law by empowering women to become active participants in the political realm, by encouraging women to promote and protect their rights, and by facilitating women’s access to justice.

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