How YOU can support the Congolese people

The Congolese are hard at work creating a peaceful and prosperous nation – and you can help!

From Congolese community-based organizations to an emerging coffee and cocoa sector, below are a few excellent ways to lend a hand to this deserving nation.


Eat chocolate, drink coffee, support Congolese farmers!

Congolese farmers have fertile land and generations of farming experience. After decades of decline from instability and disease, ECI has helped get farming communities back on their feet and doing what they do best – producing world class coffee and cocoa. Thanks to socially conscious investment from top-tier companies, with support from ECI, Congolese farmers are once again able to provide their families with school fees, health care, and more. 

Click here to learn more about Starbucks work in the DRC

Click here to learn about Theo Chocolate’s commitment to the Congo

Click here to learn about Lush Cosmetics growing presence in the region

Give to the Congolese organizations making a difference on the ground!

ECI is proud to support many organizations that provide health care, access to justice for survivors of sexual violence, education and more. When you support ECI you are helping to build the civil society Congo deserves.

Click here to donate today!

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