Meet ECI’s Congolese Partners for Progress

At ECI, we believe a robust and stable civil society is the bedrock of social and economic progress. In practice that means we support a wide range of Congolese organizations providing essential services to the citizens of Congo. From social justice to education to journalism, below are just a few of our brave and hardworking Congolese partners. To learn more about all of the organizations that ECI supports, click here

AFEM’s Mama Radio: Bringing women’s voices and perspective to Congo’s airwaves. 

“In my country there are people who sill live in ignorance and have a great need for information,” says Elian Polepole, a journalist at “Mama Radio”, the first Congolese radio station created by and for Congolese women. The ECI-supported project is the brainchild of the South Kivu Women’s Media Association (AFEM), a group of women journalists brought together by their desire to empower women in Congo through journalism. Thanks to the tireless efforts of these journalists – many of whom have other jobs in addition to responsibilities at home – listeners throughout Congo now have access to 16 hours of radio programs each day on issues ranging from good governance to reproductive health. 

UCBC: Transforming a generation of young Congolese leaders.

Dr. David Kasali has dedicated his life to educating the next generation of Congolese leaders. As Head Rector for the Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC), David believes that the lack of leadership in government and civil society is Congo’s biggest challenge. “We want the new generation that we are training to be the agents of change,” Kasali tells us. After returning to Congo during the height of the violence of the late 1990’s, Kasali worked with other religious and community leaders to build and maintain a university that gives young people an education and above all, options beyond mining and warfare. “Great things are happening at UCBC..and we cannot do it alone,” adds Kasali. ECI is honored to walk with Kasali, his students and all the people of Congo on this positive and inspiring journey. 

DFJ: Seeking justice for survivors of sexual violence.

Violence against women is one of Congo’s most disturbing and pressing problems. To fight back against the impunity of those who commit these acts, a group of Congolese lawyers formed La Dynamique des Femmes Juristes (DFJ) in 2006. This organization seeks justice in the Congolese legal system by working, for free, on behalf of the survivors of sexual violence. By bringing these crimes out into the open, naming the perpetrators and working for justice, DFJ is sterling example of how Congolese people are working to better their own country. 

We urge you to join us in supporting these Congolese organizations – and more – by clicking here to donate. The smallest donation can make a huge difference in the work of these inspiring change-makers. 

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