UCBC’s ‘Young Professional Talents’ Start Careers in Kinshasa

Grace Hangi from the Christian Bilingual University of Congo had no doubt she would grab the top spot of Airtel’s “Jeune Talents Professionels” competition that provides the winners with internship programs leading to full-time jobs.

“UCBC really changed my life by teaching me ethics and building my knowledge. That’s why I had high hopes I would do well on the test, because I trusted my academic career.”

For Grace – and fellow UCBC student Serge Nyungu who shared the award with her – the internship in Kinshasa was an opportunity to apply the skills they have learned at the Beni-based university in order to get a foothold in the professional world.

Grace, who grew up in Bunia before going to school in Beni and Kisangani, wanted to work at a bank after studying economic sciences at UCBC.

Her ambition is to become the director of her company, and she knows an internship of this kind is a real chance to launch a successful career.

“I’ll do my best to work hard and evolve with my company,” Grace told ECI.

“Working at Airtel is good for me because I’m in the Sales and Distribution department. I would like to become a director, even the number one of this company in my country.”

Inspired by his love of poetry, Serge grew up dreaming of becoming a writer or journalist. Today he focuses on his newfound career:

“UCBC taught me respect, discipline, and most importantly leadership, and in five years by the grace of God I hope I can become the director of Airtel’s operations in eastern Congo.”

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