‘Tis the season to provide.

Provide Access to Clean Water

Each donation comes with a customizable electronic or printable card featuring work made possible through your support of ECI.

Contaminated water can carry cholera and other diseases very dangerous to children. Additionally, 79% of households in DRC list girls and women as responsible for gathering water for the family. Hours of carrying water can prevent girls from going to school and put them in potentially violent situations.

To date, there has not been a single case of cholera in communities after Asili infrastructure was installed.

Designed with mothers living in South Kivu, Asili provides clean, safe water to 150,000 people daily.

By 2023, it will increase to 500,000.

Story Highlight: Celestine and Asili

Celestine and her family had to walk three hours each way to fetch dirty water. Healthcare was even farther away. This five-minute film by Congolese videographer Gerry Kahashy shares her story and the foundations of our social enterprise, Asili. Click the photo to watch.

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All donations to ECI are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID number: 45-4103655. All donations will be used for the most urgent needs of ECI, Asili, and the communities we serve.