Laissez L”Africa Vivre (LAV) “Let Africa Live”

Sosthene Kubisa, a former secondary school teacher, founded Let Africa Live in 2001 in order to equip vulnerable youth who did not or could not attend school with viable economic opportunities, youth including former child soldiers, sex slaves, orphans and teenage mothers. This is one example of how community-based organizations in eastern Congo are addressing big issues with specific, local programming to benefit those at risk and the greater community.

LAV provides a number of services supporting their vocational training, which include programs in auto-mechanics, masonry, sewing, electrics, IT and carpentry. These programs aim to provide not only the technical skills but also the social skills necessary to ensure students can fully integrate into their communities.

Upon completion of a program, graduates receive a micro-grant to help them utilize their new skills. In addition, LAV works in partnership with smaller local organizations in order to train their personnel on the rights of the child, psychosocial assistance for troubled youth, and administrative skills.

Hundreds of students have received micro-grants upon graduation.

IMPACT: Graduates feel empowered and connected when they contribute to the community through much needed skills and provide income for families. LAV provides housing and childcare during the six-month training for teenage mothers.

IMPACT: Mothers and their children have a safe place to live, and mothers can attend the program without the worry of childcare.

For more information: “Laissez l”Africa Livre: Rebuilding Lives”

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