CBO Landscape Analysis Report

With the generous support of USAID, Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) conducted a landscape analysis in eastern DRC to fill this knowledge gap. Between January and May 2011, ECI deployed researchers to Maniema, North Kivu, Orientale, and South Kivu provinces to study development activities and to identify and assess CBOs. The researchers interviewed representatives from 292 organizations and visited 63 towns. The objective of the project was to provide much-needed insight and context to project partners about current conditions in eastern DRC, and to facilitate partner- ships between funders and CBOs. This report is not a complete survey of all CBOs in eastern DRC; however, it profiles organizations engaged in particularly interesting and/or important work.

Use the links below to explore ECI’s CBO Landscape Analysis reports.

Community-based Organization (CBO) Landscape Analysis (Executive Summary)
Community-based Organization (CBO) Landscape Analysis (Summary Report)
Community-based Organization (CBO) Landscape Analysis (Full Report)

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