With help from Un Jour Nouveau, 5 Congolese nonprofits learn the skills of 21st-century storytelling

By Claude Ndayake and Astrid Nkongolo

De gauche à droit: Claude Ndayake, Elikya Muhindo, et Astrid Nkongolo, formateurs d’UJN; Pascal Arajabu, HEAL Africa; Marie Claire Burume, IFCCA; Jeremeie Lwanzo, un stagiaire UJN; Pascal Akilimali, Umoja in Action; Pamela Nkenda, DFJ; et Masudi Katembela, gestionnaire des subventions, ECI.
From left to right: UJN media trainers Claude Ndayake, Elikya Muhindo, and Astrid Nkongolo; Pascal Arajabu, HEAL Africa; Marie Claire Burume, IFCCA; Jeremeie Lwanzo, a UJN trainee; Pascal Akilimali, Umoja in Action; Pamela Nkenda, DFJ; and ECI Grant Manager Masudi Katembela.

Un Jour Nouveau, French for “A New Day,” is a non-profit organization with a vision: A peaceful and prosperous Congo, where each individual is part of the solution. Its mission is to help each individual discover, develop and deploy their potential. Un Jour Nouveau currently has seven programs whose mandate is to equip men, women and children with the principles of transformational leadership for the well-being of communities. 

Since 2005, Un Jour Nouveau Media has been supporting the activities of various other programs. Pursuing the mission of the nonprofit, the media department equips young people, associations and organizations with practical skills in audio-visual production, photography, social media, and storytelling. To date, the media department works with more than 65 partner radio channels in the broadcasting of its programs in the DRC and the region. 

It was in this context that Eastern Congo Initiative, a long-time supporter of Un Jour Nouveau, asked our media department to help its other partner organizations build their capacity to tell stories of their own. We developed a media training workshop just for the purpose, and conducted the first of these in late August, 2020. 

Four trainers facilitated the workshop: Claude Ndayake, Luc Kambere, Astrid Nkongolo and Elikya Muhindo. Employees from five of ECI’s other partner organizations learned about photography, videography, audio production and social media: HEAL Africa; the Women Lawyers’ Movement; Umoja in Action; IFCCA, the organization for Congolese women in the coffee industry; and literacy nonprofit ALPHAGEDE. Throughout the training, learners added their own ideas about how to present a success story and take memorable videos and photos.◼

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