THE RIVER is the community of dedicated, monthly supporters who understand the impact we can make together.

Temporary aid can be disruptive.

That’s why we’ve always worked with Congolese communities to tackle challenges based on local solutions.

With THE RIVER, we amplify that.

Every six weeks, community leaders in Congo meet to identify innovative ways to address critical needs. THE RIVER then directly funds those solutions. Every quarter, we share what you made possible. And that’s the partnership. You make change happen.

To keep you involved in the work that you are generously supporting, members of THE RIVER receive:

  • Access to exclusive virtual events
  • Quarterly reports, sharing real stories of how THE RIVER is supporting communities & partners in eastern Congo
  • ECI’s monthly newsletter
  • A special welcome gift for monthly donors at or above the $24 level

We know when you donate to ECI, you intend to make lasting, positive change. All funds raised through THE RIVER––100% of them––go to community-based projects and programs.

Let’s change humanitarian aid, for good. Join us.

Impacts, no matter how small, have a ripple effect just like a drop in the water.  It is a great way to teach our children how to give in different ways.

– Aude Wilkins, member of THE RIVER’s Founding 50

THE RIVER’s first project, ultrasound, is already changing lives and will be instrumental in providing prenatal care as well as earlier, more accurate detection of internal disease. The device is supported by telehealth specialists who can review scans in real-time and work with our medical team to pinpoint diagnoses.

Watch the video to see what THE RIVER made possible!

The Congo River and its tributaries form the backbone of Congolese society – supporting transportation, the economy, farming, energy, and more. Inspired by its importance, this monthly giving community will provide essential sustaining support for ECI and the communities we serve in Congo.