Celebrate Mom

This Mother’s Day, show your mom you care and make her proud by supporting mothers in Congo.

Photo above features the first baby born in our maternity in Minova with her mother and nurse. Credit: Pacome Bagula

This Mother’s Day, show your commitment to empowering women and improving the lives of children with a donation and personalized card*. You can make a real impact by partnering with local communities and supporting positive change.

$24 can provide prescription costs for six children, ensuring they receive the care they need to thrive.

For $45, a mother could have access to clean water and healthcare for her children for an entire year.

With $115, you can help uplift a female entrepreneur with seed capital to provide for her family, creating a ripple effect that benefits her community and beyond.

Join us in making a difference this Mother’s Day, give a gift that lasts and grows.

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On this Mother’s Day, join us in honoring the resilience and strength of mothers by supporting the Eastern Congo Initiative. Your donation can help create a brighter future for families by funding community-driven solutions and sustainable development.

Since our founding, ECI has focused on the health of mothers and their children through partnerships with Heal Africa, Panzi Hospital, community cooperatives, and now our Asili health clinics and community education.

Story Highlight: From 45 to 0

One of ECI’s earliest partners, Program of Primary Healthcare (PSSP), supports efforts to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality rates in the Kamango region of North Kivu province.

We partnered with PSSP and Theo Chocolate to launch a Maternal Mortality Reduction program in Watalinga. This started with educating women in cocoa-farming communities about the benefits of regular pre- and post-natal check ups, and of giving birth in a hospital.

As PPSSP Director Micheline Sikuli explained, “With ECI we have worked closely with traditional birth attendants who now participate actively in all aspects of our project; from defining the problem to evaluating the results.”

After less than one year of working in six of the 13 health zones, PPSSP contributed to the elimination of maternal and newborn deaths in these health zones, bringing the figure from 45 maternal and childhood deaths to zero.

Mastaki, one of the women who has been able to benefit from the project, was no longer able to give birth following multiple complications from childbirth, including fistula. With this program, she finally received the medical assistance she needed to heal. Today, Mastaki is a leader in her community, informing others of the importance of maternal and post-natal health practices in her village Kikingi:

“I used to be looked down upon by my family because of my health issues. Today I am known in my village and people count on me. I am feeling part of a community again.”

All donations to ECI are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Tax ID number: 45-4103655. All donations will be used for the most urgent needs of ECI, Asili, and the communities we serve.