In loving memory of Dario

Dario Tabaro Mutarushwa, a driver, shows a polaroid photograph of himself in the driver's seat of a vehicle.

Dear friends,

With deep sorrow, I must inform you of the death of our beloved colleague, brother and friend Dario Tabaro Mutarushwa, who was killed in Bukavu last night. The whole ECI family is united in shock and sorrow.

Dario, a driver and mechanic for ECI’s Asili business platform, was a friend and favorite among staff and Asili customers alike. “He was one of the people that you looked forward to seeing each day because he had a great sense of joy which shone through his smile,” said product manager Tad Lunden. We all loved to travel with him in his car; he overwhelmed you with kindness. 

I have known his family for eight years myself, and I have called his parents and his wife to share our deepest condolences. 

His affectionate nickname among us was “Machine,” nurse Christophe Ngawasi explains, since his legendary mechanical skill could get any motor running. “Dario, your professional and biological families forgive those who murdered you, because they did not know how deeply they would grieve us.” 

“May God comfort Dario’s family and the whole ECI family for the loss of our brother and colleague. May God welcome him,” said operations assistant Divine Zihindula. “Life is ephemeral,” ECI engineer Emmanuel Riziki reflected, “but the memory of a dear being will remain. We hope for courage, and our whole hearts are with his biological family. Though he has left the earth, he will live on in our hearts.” 

Today, on International Parents’ Day — a day celebrated as a national holiday in the Congo — we remember Dario as a father as well. We keep his one-year-old daughter in our prayers. 

Abraham Leno
Executive Director

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