Expanding Radio Access & Gender Equality

Achieving Women’s Empowerment through the Power of Media

MAMA Radio is on its way to broadcasting to 7.2 million people in South Kivu, DRC

A new tower for AFEM/MAMA_Radio being installed. Credit: AFEM

Women and girls across social classes in DRC have long voiced their need for a channel to learn about gender-related issues and make their voices heard by the general public.

Since its establishment in 2016, MAMA_Radio (AFEM) has been a community radio station that places gender inclusiveness and equity at the forefront of its innovative and original media programming. The radio station encourages women, girls, and others to access quality information on women’s rights, maternal health, and social justice. MAMA_Radio is a part of a social movement. Its goal is to promote women’s rights, fight against gender-based violence, and ensure that every woman and girl can lead a life of health and happiness.

Currently, the radio station is installing a new relay antenna in Chomuhini, which will extend the coverage by 25%. It is also training women and men journalists to specialize in different themes to improve the quality of its contents. These intiatives are entirely or partly funded by Eastern Congo Intiative (ECI). Learn more about our work at https://www.easterncongo.org/about/what-we-do/.

Want to listen to MAMA_Radio at home? It is now serving its global audience at www.mamaradio.info.

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