HEAL Africa

HEAL Africa has developed a comprehensive, community-based approach to increase access to maternal healthcare in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, which claims one of the highest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.

The program works through multiple layers: traditional birth attendants, health professionals, women and their families. Thousands were given micro-grants in groups of 8-10 to invest in producing more income through their farms and small commerce. At the end of every month, each woman in the group contributes $1 to a maternal insurance fund. This fund is then used for medical care including pre-natal checkups, delivery at a health center and any other necessary medical care relating to pregnancy and birth. This gives women who normally could not afford healthcare, the opportunity to receive treatment throughout their entire pregnancy.

HEAL Africa also worked with the personnel of 15 health centers to provide training in emergency obstetric care.

IMPACT: HEAL Africa’s Safe Motherhood Pre-Natal and Micro-Insurance program is successfully combatting maternal and neo-natal mortality.

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