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ECI News July 22, 2016

ECI Weekly News for Friday, July 22

“Now I can earn up to $50 a day, while before the installation of public solar panels I would hardly get $20 a day.” — Samuel Ndoole, Himbi, Goma

Solar-powered lights cut nighttime crime In DRC neighborhood, turning it into “Miami” – Noella Nyirabihogo, Global Press Journal – read

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Returning home to rebuild their lives – ICRC – read

Democratic Republic of the Congo – Security Council (7603rd meeting) – UN Web TV – watch

Lord’s Resistance Army kidnappings hit six-year high – monitors – Joe Bavier, Reuters – read

Government security officials from Africa’s Great Lakes region determined to eradicate all negative forces in eastern DRC – EIN – read

Ten die in ethnic violence in DR Congo’s troubled east – AFP – read

United Nations staffs in Goma sensitized on HIV prevention – MONUSCO – read

Democratic Republic of Congo launches yellow fever vaccination drive – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

Congo’s small miners fill hole left by downsizing multinationals – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

Lundin gets bid extension on Freeport Congo mine stake – Nicole Mordant, Reuters –read

Congo premier halts aid to struggling bank as Franc weakens – Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg – read

Greenpeace welcomes the announcement of the DRC Minister of Environment to cancel illegal concessions but says more needs to be done – Greenpeace – read

U.N. demands release of political prisoners in Congo – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

DR Congo: Can anyone stop Joseph Kabila? – William Clowes, African Argument –read

Will he stay or will he go? Mixed messages from president Kabila – Jason K. Stearns, Congo Research Group – read

DRC official denies government persecution of opposition leader – Peter Clottey, Voice of America – read

Diplomats, DRC opposition to Kabila: pave way for transition – Salem Solomon, Idrissa Fall, Frederic Nkundikije, Voice of America – read

Other DRC News
Official says Congolese refugees to resettle in Missoula – AP – read

DRC new national park: “the animals are amazing” – BBC – Watch

July 2016 Monthly Forecast  – Security Council Report – read