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ECI News August 5, 2016

ECI Weekly News for Friday, August 5


“Number one, even though it’s important to know this history of what happened during colonial times in the Congo and what happened subsequent during efforts of independence, and the way that other countries from the outside have meddled in ways that were not helpful to the people there — it is also important for every country to, at some point, say it is now our responsibility — (applause) — even if we have an unjust history, now it is our responsibility, and we can’t use the past as an excuse for some of the problems that we have today.” — President Obama, Young African Leaders Initiative Town Hall

Remarks by the President at the Young African Leaders Initiative Town Hall – White House – read

Project Kirotshe: Rebuilding hope in Eastern Congo – Pulitzer Center – read

Canada’s defence minister to visit Congo to scope potential peacekeeping mission –Canadian Press – read

Mobile tech enables family planning data access – Christabel Ligami, SciDev – read

DRC’s largest mine was just sold. And DRC got nothing. – Kathleen Brophy, Oxfam America – read

Heineken lifts profit but warns on slowdown in Africa – Maarten Van Tartwijk, Wall Street Journal – read

DR Congo’s 2015 growth slows to 7.7% – Ken Karuri, Africa News – read

Gender-based Violence
The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice –Lauren Wolfe, The Guardian ‘Long Read’ – read

DR Congo: six years on, UN envoy calls for action in Walikale mass rape – UN News Center – read

Winnipeg teacher surprised by difficulties in sponsoring refugees from Congo –  Kim Kaschor, CBC – read

Congo, Uganda leaders agree on sharing intel to fight rebels – AP – read

Brinksmanship and political theater – Jason Stearns, Congo Research Group – read

Kabila finally speaks on DRC polls, says it will depend on availability of register – Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban, Africa News – read

EU urges political dialogue in DR Congo as government rejects opposition demand for elections this year – Agencies – read

DRC launches voter registration ahead of upcoming polls – AFP – read

Congo turns away plane carrying opposition leader Katumbi – Eric Ombok, Bloomberg – read

Show restraint in handling Kinshasa protests – Amnesty International – read

Other DRC News
What makes the kids of Congo run? – Daniel Socha, NPR – read