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ECI News August 12, 2016

“With this café, I want to create a different kind of conversation about Goma and Congo. I want people to have good experiences about Goma.” — Vanessa Jados, Goma

Cafes, croissants, and peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Didem Tally, VICE – read

Ivanhoe says Congo copper find may be Africa’s most significant – Tom Wilson, Bloomberg – read

Congo’s Kabila in Rwanda as rebel attacks roil mineral region – Tom Wilson, Bloombergread

Community voices help shape conservation program for the Democratic Republic of Congo – Kristina Van Dexter, World Wildlife Fund – read

Human Rights First awards Medal of Liberty to Congolese activist Janvier Murairi Bakihanaye – Human Rights First – read

Democracy, forests and finance: the tech making Africa a better place – Zoe Flood in Nairobi, Frankline Sunday, Emmanuel Akinwotu and Kate Lyons, The Guardian –read

Gender-based Violence
Use of whistle blowing to fight sexual exploitation and abuse – MONUSCO – read

Photos of the DRC’s armed citizen militia – Diana Zeyneb alhindawi, VICE – read

Armed groups kill 14 in troubled east DR Congo – AFP – read

UN bungles response to yellow fever outbreak in Africa – AP – read

Thumbs to the rescue: Digital volunteers put vulnerable people on the map –Benjamin Bathke, Deutsche Welle – read

Kabila taking DRC towards ‘absolute dictatorship’ – Katumbi – Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban, Africa News – read

U.S. urges Congo to allow rights activist to resume work – Aaron Ross, Reuters – read

DRC’s political space shrinking under Kabila – US Congressman – Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban, Africa News – read

On Ida Sawyer’s departure – Jason Stearns, Congo Research Group – read

Report: Congo’s perilous election battle – Congo Research Group – read

Other DRC News 
‘They Drink It in the Congo’ is a play trying to do something good about something bad – Rose Lewenstein, VICE – read

Meet the Olympic judo fighter who fled war in the Congo – Daily VICE – watch