Let Africa Live

Let Africa Live

A former secondary school teacher, Sosthène Kubisa, founded Let Africa Live (Laissez L’Afrique Vivre) in 2001 with a vision to equip vulnerable youth, including former child soldiers, sex slaves, and orphans who did not attend school, with viable economic opportunities.

Let Africa Live provides a variety of support services and resources to vulnerable youth in South Kivu, including vocational training programs in auto-mechanics, masonry, sewing, electrics, IT, and carpentry. 

Small class sizes allow teachers to give personalized attention to students, providing them with the counseling and psychological support to ensure that they have the technical and social skills to fully integrate into their communities.

Beyond vocational education, LAV also provides graduates with a micro-grant that allows them to invest in their own small enterprises where they can apply their newly earned skills.

In addition, Let Africa Live works in partnership with smaller local organizations in order to train their personnel on the rights of the child, psychosocial assistance for troubled youth, and administrative skills.

These organizations are based in rural areas and convey messages on children’s rights and opportunities for vulnerable youth in areas that LAV cannot consistently reach. These partnerships serve to enhance both the capacity of smaller organizations as well as enable LAV to reach a larger population. 

In 2015 LAV helped nearly 100 youth afflicted by armed conflict – of which almost 50% girls – to reintegrate into society after receiving professional skills training. About 50 graduates of the vocational training program worked in 7 small businesses developed by LAV to gain professional working experience.

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