Children’s Voice

Children’s Voice

Formed in the aftermath of the most intense period of violence in Goma, Children’s Voice serves the needs of the most vulnerable young people in eastern Congo living in extreme poverty, including orphans, former child soldiers, and sex slaves. 

Understanding that education is critical to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness, the organization provides primary schooling, vocational training, and mental health assistance for children in the community. 

For children and at-risk teens aged 9-14 years old who were not able to start primary school earlier, Children’s Voice provides a free accelerated primary school program where a two-year curriculum is completed within one year.

This program gives children who are too old to enroll in the first level of primary school the chance to attend and complete primary school in three years as opposed to the normal six years.

For older teens and young adults that have already passed the age to enter formal schooling, Children’s Voice also provides vocational training and literacy classes in an effort to allow the teens to make a living and participate in their communities after graduation.

Children’s Voice’s works in partnership with neighborhood committees in Goma to identify children who qualify for the educational program and counseling services. The organization supports approximately 600 children per year through its two centers in Goma and Magunga.

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