Security Sector Reform

Comprehensive reform of the Congolese military, police and judicial system is critical in order to mitigate continued human rights abuses by militias and other security forces, support rule of law, and develop safe communities where people can thrive. Security sector reform will create the greatest positive long-term impact on DRC’s development.

Effective security sector reform will reach beyond DRC’s borders, helping to support a stable and thriving region.

US leadership in Africa carries great impact when focused on achievable goals that work in collaboration with African voices. Only catalytic leadership from the US and the European community directed towards the DRC will be effective in helping the Congolese achieve this long-term goal of security sector reform.

ECI’s goal is to work with key members of the Congolese government, the international community and civil society organizations to develop a comprehensive and viable plan to reform the security sector and advocate for its adoption and implementation by the DRC Government and support from the US and European communities.

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