Maternal, Newborn and Child Health [MNCH]

ECI’s support for two of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals of reducing child mortality and improving maternal health will target finding and implementing solutions that will have the greatest impact in DRC.   

By leveraging ECI’s success as a convener of experts and thought leaders, we will form a multi-year strategy to look across the MNCH sector to find what works on the ground in DRC and determine what works in the halls of power in Kinshasa, Europe and the US.

ECI will create a groundswell of knowledge, expertise and leverage to advocate for positive action and concrete change when it comes to MNCH through a coalition of public and private groups.

ECI’s goal is to decrease the number of women that die in childbirth, increase the survival rate of newborns and children in DRC, and increase access to MNCH healthcare through grant making and advocacy for additional funding and DRC government programs that support these aims.