2013 Report Card: Security Sector Reform

The Demand for SSR

As MONUSCO’s newly-mandated Intervention Brigade deploys in eastern Congo and militia fighting continues, the acute need for Security Sector Reform (SSR) in the Democratic Republic of Congo is more apparent than ever. The importance of SSR has been repeatedly recognized by Congo’s leaders, the region, international donors, the United Nations and the Congolese people themselves.  A poll conducted by Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) in February 2013 revealed that a “strong national army” is seen as the most important factor in making respondents most secure (48%) – 28 points more than the next most common response.

2013: A Progress Report

A year ago, ECI and a coalition of Congolese and international NGOs made several recommendations to the Congolese authorities and international community in the report, Taking a Stand on Security Sector Reform. An assessment of progress towards each of these over the past year offers a clear indication of where renewed efforts could most usefully be focused.

2013 Report Card: Security Sector Reform (click to download)