Theo Chocolate

ECI has partnered with Theo Chocolate, the country’s fastest-growing organic, fair-trade chocolate company. ECI and Theo work together with rural farmers to improve the quality and quantity of their cocoa crops, and expand their access to international markets.
In partnership with ECI, Theo sources 70% of the cocoa used in its chocolate bars from eastern DRC. The cocoa, coffee and vanilla in these chocolate bars are all grown in eastern Congo by dedicated organic farmers focused on quality and sustainability.
These chocolate bars are a real, tangible result of progress in the region that you can hold in your hand and enjoy— a way that anyone can be a part of the solution and get involved in this positive cycle for change in people’s lives that we’re working toward in eastern Congo.

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Why Cocoa?

“Cocoa is a fast-growing, sustainable, high yield crop that commands high global prices, requires minimal re-planting, prevents deforestation, supports food security, and is a major source of income for women. It’s also ‘militia proof’.” –Dhena Bassara, Director of Greenhouse, Congolese cocoa cooperative

Why Congo?

“DRC is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of arable land: if that land was farmed successfully, it could feed one third of the global population.” –International Food Policy Research Institute

Why Care?

“Through the ECI-Theo partnership, household incomes have effectively doubled giving farming families the opportunity to take their kids to school and improving their access to healthcare.” –Atandi Isaka, Congolese cocoa farmer and cooperative member