KISANY Changes the Lives of Congolese Women

For the past 13 years, ECI partner KISANY has changed the lives of African women by providing skills training and work. In helping these women achieve financial independence, KISANY gives them control over their lives and a secure place in their community.

After KISANY’s first workshop was up and running in Goma, they took on another workshop in Kigali and more recently added a third, smaller workshop in Mombasa.

Each workshop has its own specialty based on the skills of the artisans onsite. Cross stitch, classical embroidery, and weaving complement one another and allow KISANY to offer a beautiful and diverse collection of products.

Today KISANY has trained over 200 artisans who are ready to work, and they provide regular jobs and income to 100 women in East Africa. Many of the women KISANY train are seen as second class citizens, but today they work, own a home, and are able to send their kids to school.

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