UCBC Celebrates Students’ Graduation

By Dr. David Kasali 

As Rector of the Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC), I support the development and transformation of a student body of 500. Based in Beni, eastern Congo, UCBC has partnered with Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI) since 2011. I founded the University back in 2007, with the aim of integrating academic rigor with active community participation in order to educate and form the next generation of Congolese citizens and leaders.

UCBC has come a long way since then, and we’re proud of our innovative and holistic approach to higher education. UCBC is committed to bilingual education in French and English; to increased access to technology and media for students in eastern Congo; and to the students’ active service to the local community. With the support of ECI, we now have the best computer-to-student ratio in the entire Democratic Republic of Congo and a vibrant student-led radio station, providing news, analysis and information to the Beni community. We’re delighted that the Congolese Government has praised UCBC as a model example to inform revitalization of the national higher education system.

We are still developing and growing as a university. You can understand my joy and sense of fulfillment at our graduation ceremony several weeks ago! We enjoyed a colorful and vibrant African ceremony to celebrate the achievements and graduation of 78 of our students.

Hulda was one of these students. Having grown up in nearby Butembo, Hulda came to UCBC to study media and communications with the dream of becoming a professional journalist. Hulda received a scholarship from ECI, and went on to become the manager of the UCBC student radio station, reporting on news and events in Beni and managing a team of fellow student journalists. ‘I love going into town, meeting people, hearing their experiences, and telling their stories on the radio,’ said Hulda.

Having gained several years of practical work experience managing a radio station at UCBC alongside her studies, Hulda is well placed to progress onto larger media outlets and start her career as a professional journalist.

‘This scholarship has really made all the difference, I’m so grateful. Without it, I could never have paid the tuition fees or finished my studies. I’m really excited about the opportunities available to me now!’

Our motto is ‘being transformed to transform.’ While challenges to development remain in eastern Congo, I deeply believe in the potential of our innovative approach to education, work experience, and community service to transform both the lives of our students, like Hulda, and the local community.

Please visit our website here to learn more about UCBC’s vision and mission.

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