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Dynamique de Femmes Juristes (Dynamic of Women Lawyers)

Founded by Congolese women lawyers, judges and activists who all went to law school together, Dynamique de Femmes Juristes (Dynamic of Women Lawyers—DFJ) prosecutes cases against perpetrators of women’s rights abuses including sexual abuse, inheritance rights and physical abuse. Comprised of 7 full time lawyers and a handful of volunteer lawyers, the personnel of DFJ daily put themselves at risk to protect the rights of women.

In 2011, DFJ prosecuted more than 100 cases in court, with a 35% success rate, remarkable in a country whose justice system is extremely weak.  Working together closely with law enforcement officials and judicial officials, DFJ lobbies for the protection of women’s rights and capacity building of the security sector.

In addition to prosecuting cases, DFJ trains paralegals in rural areas who receive complaints from the community and either call both parties for mediation or refer the case to DFJ for prosecution. This system plays a crucial role to ensure that rural women have access to justice. DFJ also provides counseling and referrals to healthcare provides for victims of abuse.

ECI funded the prosecution of 40 sexual violence cases and the training of 20 paralegals in rural areas.

Photo Description: DFJ lawyers train Congolese police and military on legal processes to follow when a human rights violation complaint is filed.

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