Abraham Leno: Surviving a Disaster - Lessons from Eastern Congo

Boston Herald - May 10, 2020

Ward Brehm: What People Face Daily across the World

Minneapolis Star Tribune, April 8, 2020

Whitney Williams: We Have Reason to Be Optimistic

Montana Standard, March 30, 2020


Ben Affleck: Why I’m Hopeful About Congo

New York Times - December 5, 2017

Ben Affleck Makes His Tenth Humanitarian Trip to Congo: 'My Heart Will Forever Be There with Them'

People - June 7, 2017

Saveur du Kivu Showcases Coffees of the DRC

Barista Magazine - May 17, 2017

Illuminating the Value Chain: BanQu and Eastern Congo Initiative launch pilot program to revolutionize the way farmers work in eastern Congo

Press Release - May 16, 2017

Testimony of Kelly Goodejohn Director of Ethical Sourcing, Global Social Impact and Public Policy for Starbucks

U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations - fMay 4, 2017

Growing Peace Through Cocoa in Congo

Lush Cosmetics Newsroom - April 18, 2017

What bean to bar strategies improve the lives of cocoa farmers?

Devex - February 14, 2017 


How Ben Affleck Is Fighting for Women in the Congo

Glamour Magazine - April 11, 2016

Ben Affleck on Batman Movie, Family, Politics & Charity 

CBS This Morning - March 24, 2016

Ben Affleck Talks Congo Coffee with Jimmy Fallon 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - March 24, 2016

A Cup of Hope with Starbucks Coffee from eastern Congo

Starbucks Newsroom - March 16, 2016

ECI Founder Ben Affleck Talks Congo Coffee on The Ellen Degeneres Show

The Ellen Degeneres Show - March 15, 2016

Project in Congo Helps Restore Country as Source of Coffee

Starbucks Pike 1912 - February 29, 2016


USAID and Eastern Congo Initiative Announce Online Database to Support Congolese Organizations (Press Release)

USAID - August 12, 2013


Affleck Doesn't Close Door on Senate Run (Video)

Chocolate that Makes A Difference (Video)

Opinion: Congo Urgently Needs U.S. Help

The Washington Post - November 29, 2012

Ben Affleck on the Congo

Affleck Uses Celeb Power to Help African Nation (Video)

VH1: Ben Affleck Wins Do Something Facebook Award (Video)

VH1 Do Something Awards 2012 - August 21, 2012

Hillary Clinton and Ben Affleck team up to eliminate preventable child death

The Cable (Foreign Policy) - June 14, 2012

Clinton, Affleck seek to lower child death rates

Associated Press - June 14, 2012

Ben Affleck: 'Help children around the world live long and healthy lives

NBC Nightly News - June 14, 2012         

Opinion: Ending Child Mortality

Politico - June 14, 2012

Eastern Congo Initiative Founder Ben Affleck Joins Secretary Clinton and Global Leaders in D.C. to Promote Child Survival

ECI Press Release - June 12, 2012

Congo Security Sector Reform Urgently Needed, Report Says

Huffington Post - April 24, 2012


Opinion: Don't look away from Terror in Congo

Politico - March 8, 2011

Ben Affleck in Congo (Video)

ABC News Nightline - March 7, 2011


Actor Ben Affleck, Republican Cindy McCain Team Up to Help Congo

ABC News - March 7, 2011


The Deadliest War

The Washington Post - November, 30, 2010


A Glimmer of Hope In Africa

Time - February 12, 2009


National Democratic Institute in Collaboration with Council on Foreign Relations (Video)

Combating Global Poverty Panel Discussion - August 27, 2008 

Ben Affleck's Journey to the Congo Part 1 (Video)

Nightline - June 26, 2008

Ben Affleck's Journey to the Congo Part 2 (Video)

Nightline - June 26, 2008

Ben Affleck's African Journey: The actor travels to the Congo to shed light on the humanitarian crisis.

ABC News Nightline - May 11, 2008

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