Group of Study and Action for the Development of South Kivu (GEADES), South Kivu

GEADES is a registered NGO with the provincial government.


Mboko, Uvira territory, South Kivu province
Fizi, Mwenga, and Uvira

Sectors of Intervention

Food security; microcredit; rural farming; MUSOs


GEADES (Groupe d’études et d’action pour le développement de Sud-Kivu) wasformed in 1988 as an umbrella organization for numerous small organizations seeking to improvetheir networking, solidarity, and power. From the start, GEADES has organized agro-pastoral associationsand focused on food security and microcredit. Although many NGOs in South Kivu undertookhumanitarian work during the wars, GEADES has maintained its singular focus on workingwith local farming associations. GEADES supports local initiatives with technical advice, and providesreferrals for assistance when it does not possess in-house expertise. GEADES also implementsa new type of microcredit system called MUSO (mutual solidarity organization), whereby rotatingprofits from loans are given to different people in a cyclical fashion, and they can use this money forany purpose (personal or livelihood). GEADES also helps to form local associations.

As GEADES’s reputation has grown, it has received requests from groups of rural peoplewho want to form an association for microfinance, food security, or agro-pastoral development.GEADES consents to such requests only after undertaking a needs assessment and evaluation of thepotential group’s intent. If GEADES agrees to help the group form an association, it generates a contractwith clear terms of agreement, which both parties must sign. Each year, GEADES selects localorganizations with which it will work; currently GEADES partners with 24 local organizations.


Promote mechanisms of self-sufficiency that will improve the socioeconomic conditions in South Kivu


  • Improve the quality of life of the population affected by conflicts and epidemics in South Kivu
  • Contribute to increased food security among rural populations by increasing agro-pastoral production and household income
  • Investigate the socioeconomic conditions of rural populations in South Kivu, and report the results
  • Support groups of rural farmers through training, technical advice, and financial assistance

Populations Served

Rural farming associations


  • Reinforcing organizational capacities and structures: GEADES helps form local organizations and assists them in strategically planning their activities.
  • Supporting increased agro-pastoral production and quality: GEADES responds to requests from its member associations to provide technical assistance to improve the capacities of local groups. GEADES also distributes improved seeds to local associations, and provides training so farmers can achieve increased productivity. Finally, GEADES facilitates the training of local veterinarians, in response to association requests.
  • Protection of the environment: GEADES organizes informational sessions with local and provincial authorities regarding protection of the environment, and produces literature on this topic. GEADES encourages and facilitates reforestation by producing and distributing seedlings.
  • MUSOs: GEADES is leading the implementation of MUSOs in South Kivu. It facilitates training on system creation and management, and provides and/or facilitates technical advice during planning and implementation by affiliated local associations.


The supreme governing body is the general assembly, which appoints the board ofdirectors. The board meets three times a year, implements the directives of the general assembly, andoversees GEADES’s work. A control commission selected by the general assembly conducts an annualaudit and oversees the organization’s internal structures. GEADES has five permanent staff, includingan agronomist and a rural development expert.

GEADES has an account at BIC in Bukavu. For financial, administrative, and personnel management,GEADES has:

  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management, hiring and personnel issues, and purchasing policies and procedures: YES
  • A computerized accounting system: NO
  • A clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES, when they have external funding
  • Staff with the technical expertise to undertake projects: YES


  • Several founding members who still serve on the executive committee
  • Continues to function whether it has external funding or not, due to its income-generating activities and the sustainable nature of its work with local organizations
  • Owns the property that houses its office
  • Strong visibility and support in rural communities


  • Reinforcement of technical capacities of employees
  • More fiscal resources
  • Better knowledge of regulations and laws, especially with respect to MUSOs
  • More assessment and exchange meetings with local organizations
  • Better communication equipment and mobile phone network coverage; at present, uses a mobile phone service provider from Burundi
  • More logistical equipment to distribute food, seeds, and tools

Funders and Budget

For 2010, GEADES’s budget was approximately $117,000. Funders include ZOA Holland, Entreaide et fraternité, and CCFD.


  • Between 2009 and 2010, helped a total of 24 organizations obtain their technical papers and registration at the local level
  • Was the first NGO to distribute an improved variety of cassava (sawa–sawa) in the Mboko area. This variety is modified for increased resistance to the mosaic virus.
  • Supported the distribution to the population of a variety of palm that produces greater quantities of palm oil
  • In 2010, carried out 144 monitoring and evaluation projects
  • In 2010, organized 43 meetings between local organizations and technical experts

Organizational Vision

Improve the quality of life of rural farmers

Project Proposals

  • Building organizational capacity: GEADES seeks funds to improve the financial, administrative, and project management of its staff; provide its office with Internet access; and improve its logistical capacities. Cost: $64,000 (for three years)
  • Improving palm oil production in rural areas: GEADES will work with members of a palm oil cooperative to rehabilitate two oil presses in Fizi territory. It will also train workers to maintain the equipment and better manage finances related to the presses. Cost: $50,000


Ndjala Nzale, executive secretary, +243.812.983.693,

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