Responsible Reproductive Health Program in North Kivu (PROREN), North Kivu

PROREN is a registered NGO with the provincial government.


Beni, North Kivu province
The Beni and Oicha health zones

Sectors of Intervention

Health; sexual violence


PROREN (Programme de santé de la reproduction responsable au Nord-Kivu) was created in April 2004 by a group of public health workers in Beni territory to address the numerous problems of reproductive health. The wars in North Kivu had taken a heavy toll on the population, particularly on women. The problems facing women included sexual violence, high rates of maternal and infant mortality, the spread of HIV/AIDS, and lack of basic knowledge about family planning. PROREN has worked with several international organizations such as UNDP and Reach Italia, as well as with local institutions such as the provincial health zone bureaus.


Improve the living standard of the population through promotion of reproductive health, reduction of STDs, psychosocial assistance to the survivors of sexual violence, and protection of the human rights of women and children


  • Improve the socioeconomic status of survivors of sexual violence
  • Fight against the violation of women’s rights
  • Promote gender equality and child protection
  • Reduce the high rate of STDs, including HIV/AIDS
  • Facilitate and promote public health and maternal health
  • Educate the community about family planning

Populations Served

PROREN primarily serves women and children.


  • Reproductive health: PROREN trains women about family planning and sensitizes the community about safe motherhood and responsible sexuality.
  • Fight against sexual violence: PROREN has a comprehensive approach in the fight against sexual violence, and provides psychosocial and socioeconomic assistance to the survivors of sexual violence.
  • Gender and justice: PROREN educates, trains, and assists women about their rights, and helps survivors of human rights violations and sexual violence to obtain legal assistance and justice.
  • HIV/AIDS: PROREN sensitizes people about HIV and distributes condoms to highrisk target groups.


The supreme governing body is the general assembly, which has 28 members and meets once a year. The general assembly elects the management board, which meets every six months to provide direction to PROREN’s operations. A monitoring committee meets every three months, reports to the general assembly, and conducts an annual internal control of finances. PROREN has 12 staff, including one doctor, two nurses, one public health specialist, and one rural development technician.

PROREN has an account at BIC in Beni. For financial, administrative, and personnel management, PROREN has:

  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management; hiring and personnel issues; and purchasing policies and procedures: YES
  • A computerized accounting system: NO
  • A clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES
  • Staff with the technical expertise to undertake projects: YES


  • Strong, dedicated staff with extensive experience
  • Proven ability to successfully implement projects following project cycle management
  • Has office equipment to facilitate the documentation and reporting of the organization’s work


  • Capacity building of the staff for better project management
  • Financing for the expansion and sustainability of its programs

Funders and Budget

For 2011, PROREN plans for a budget of $144,800. Funders include UNDP, the Association AMO Congo and Reach Italia.


  • Constructed and equipped two community centers
  • Trained more than 100 community workers at Kamango on reproductive health, sexual violence, and STDs
  • Established a community health cooperative at Vuhovi
  • Provided psychosocial and socioeconomic assistance to survivors of sexual violence

Organizational Vision

Expand PROREN’s activities to the entire North Kivu province and develop partnerships with other groups to increase its effectiveness and access to funding

Project Proposals

  • Holistic care for survivors of sexual violence: Through a holistic approach to sexual violence, PROREN aims to ensure that survivors of sexual violence have access to adequate and relevant medical and psychosocial care. PROREN will also support survivors of sexual violence and their families post-trauma to combat possible stigma. Cost: $19,700
  • Promoting voluntary HIV testing: This project aims to raise awareness regarding HIV/AIDS in Beni and Oicha. PROREN will promote holistic care of persons living with HIV and AIDS by their communities and will aim to reduce the prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the region. PROREN seeks to normalize voluntary testing in the community. Cost: $231,000
  • Promoting preventive primary health care: In 30 health centers in Beni and Oicha, PROREN will promote primary health care with the aim of combating incidence of preventable illness among vulnerable populations. PROREN will raise awareness among local populations and aim to influence policy in favor of preventive public health strategies at the local level. Cost: $183,600


Olga Kitumbu Mashingo, coordinator, +243.998.577.184,,

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