Community Hope Action Ministry (CHAM), North Kivu

CHAM is a registered NGO with the provincial government.


Beni, North Kivu province
CHAM works with the Mutwanga, Oicha, Beni, Rwanguba, Bunia, Nyankunde, and Komanda (Beni territory and Ituri district) health zones.

Sectors of Intervention

Health; protection; community development


In January 2008, CHAM was created by a group of individuals living in Beni territory with the major aim of raising the living standard of the people in that area. As a faith-based organization, CHAM works with local churches in the community. Despite being a young organization, CHAM has worked with many international partners, including Reach Italia, the Positive Action for Children Fund, Bright Hope World, and UNDP.


Strengthen the capacity of church leaders and other key people in the community to promote long-term development


  • Improve the living standards and promote the rights of the most vulnerable people
  • Engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Build the capacity of community-based organizations and civil society for sustainable development

Populations Served

Vulnerable populations, including women, children, and Pygmies


  • Orphans project: CHAM has developed a program to assist orphaned children by paying for their school fees and medical treatment.
  • HIV/AIDS and sexual violence: CHAM sensitizes the community about the prevention of HIV/AIDS and the availability of various services for the infected and affected. CHAM also works with local partners to cover the whole cycle of treatment for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Capacity building: CHAM invests in the capacity building of individuals and local organizations.


The supreme governing body is the general assembly, which is made up of 23 members, meets every two years, and elects the board of directors. The board has seven members, meets upon the invitation of the president, and oversees the development and operations of CHAM. The executive committee of the board is responsible for executing the major decisions of the general assembly and those of the board while ensuring the smooth running of the office. CHAM has 11 staff.

CHAM has an account with BIC in Beni. For financial, administrative, and personnel management, CHAM has:

  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management; hiring and personnel issues; and purchasing policies and procedures: YES
  • A computerized accounting system: YES
  • A clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES
  • Staff with the technical expertise to undertake projects: YES


  • Well established and well respected in the community
  • Legally registered with the local government
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Extensive experience in community capacity building


  • Increasing the knowledge of its staff and expanding its services to new areas
  • Better office equipment and means of transport

Funders and Budget

For 2011, CHAM’s budget is approximately $150,000. Funders include Bright Hope World, UNDP, and Reach Italia.


  • Assisted 120 orphans in the Oicha heath zone with medical care and education
  • Constructed a health center for Pygmies at Manzila in the Oicha area
  • Constructed the Shauri-Moja primary school in the Komanda health zone

Organizational Vision

Expand its activities to cover a larger area

Project Proposals

  • Community capacity building in food and livelihood security: In the impoverished Mutwanga health zone, CHAM will assist vulnerable populations with support and tools for agricultural and animal husbandry projects. CHAM will also provide trainings on financial management and marketing techniques. Cost: $870,000 (over three years)
  • Supporting orphans and vulnerable children: In the Mutwanga health zone, CHAM will strengthen the capacities of local organizations to take on caregiver roles for orphans and vulnerable children, thereby increasing the youths’ participation in school and the local community. It aims to work with ten local groups and reach 1,500 vulnerable children. Cost: $740,000 (over three years)
  • Supporting sexual and gender-based violence survivors: CHAM proposes to work with five local organizations that help 500 survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in the Mutwanga health zone, in order to help these women with psychosocial and socioeconomic assistance, and sensitize communities about this violation of women’s rights. Cost: $850,000 (over three years)


Jean Paul Tingityabo Musubi, coordinator, +243.994.181.659, and Undehoso Ukameli, president, +243.997.744.561,

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