Concrete Actions for the Protection of Infancy (ACOPE), North Kivu

ACOPE is a registered NGO with the provincial government.


Beni, North Kivu province
From its main office in Beni, ACOPE covers Lubero and Beni territories.

Sectors of Intervention

Food security; child protection; education


In 2006, a group of people in Beni created ACOPE (Actions concrètes pour la protection de l’enfance) to work for the protection of children who had suffered from years of conflict and insecurity. In North Kivu, children faced many problems, such as being incorporated in different armed groups, being accused of sorcery, becoming orphans, and being subjected to rape and other forms of violence. ACOPE rose up to meet the challenge of helping vulnerable youths. ACOPE conducts research on various issues regarding children’s rights, provides direct assistance and services to youths, and promotes education and socioeconomic reintegration of youths into their communities. ACOPE has worked with international funders such as Save the Children and UNICEF.


Promote human rights and reduce the high frequency of human rights violations



  • Facilitate and improve children’s access to basic services such as health and education
  • Promote and protect children’s rights in the community



Populations Served

Children, particularly at-risk youths



  • Child protection: ACOPE identifies vulnerable children, documents their identities and needs, and tries to reunite them with their families.
  • Psychosocial assistance: ACOPE provides psychosocial assistance to children who are survivors of sexual violence and human rights violations.
  • Education: ACOPE promotes children’s right to education and sensitizes the community to take an active role in ensuring that youths get a proper education. ACOPE also pays school fees for vulnerable children.
  • Humanitarian assistance: ACOPE closely monitors population movements in North Kivu so it can help humanitarian groups and individuals protect and serve youths.




ACOPE’s supreme governing body is the general assembly, which meets annually and provides general guidance for the organization. The general assembly elects the board of directors, which meets four times a year and closely monitors ACOPE’s operations. ACOPE also has a control commission, which reports to the general assembly and conducts internal controls quarterly. ACOPE has 52 employees.

ACOPE has bank accounts at BIC in Beni. For financial, administrative, and personnel management, ACOPE has:

  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management; hiring and personnel issues; and purchasing policies and procedures: YES
  • A computerized accounting system: YES
  • A clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES
  • Staff with the technical expertise to undertake projects: YES


  • Experienced and competent staff
  • Available office equipment and management tools
  • Good working relationships with local authorities and international organizations
  • History of successful program implementation


  • Technical capacity building for the staff
  • Financial support to expand program activities
  • Logistical and transport means for field activities

Funders and Budget

ACOPE’s annual budget is about $172,000, mainly funded by UNICEF.


  • Conducted six multi sectoral evaluations and reported results to the Rapid Response Mechanism in Beni
  • Identified and documented more than 500 cases of vulnerable children needing assistance in northern North Kivu
  • Empowered more than 600 youths through microcredit and professional training
  • In 2010, reunited 288 children with their families


Organizational Vision

Expand program activities and promote child protection throughout North Kivu

Project Proposals

  • Helping survivors of sexual violence: In Beni and Lubero territories, ACOPE will assist 500 women and 500 children who are survivors of sexual violence and will provide PEP kits to 15 health centers while sensitizing the communities to fight against sexual violence. Cost: $124,000
  • Professional training and literacy for youths: ACOPE will establish professional training centers (mechanics, driving schools, carpentry, sewing, small business, and animal husbandry) and a literacy center for vulnerable youths. It will also sensitize the community about child rights and child protection and will disseminate child protection legal texts. Cost: $129,000
  • Justice and citizenship: ACOPE will train and sensitize 350 local authorities about the terms and conditions for the detention of children, and about arbitrary arrest. It will also sensitize children on good citizenship and will create 25 empowerment centers for the community reintegration of children released from detention. Cost: $124,000


Mopero Kambale Kamaliro, coordinator, +243.819.321.897, +243.994.031.579,

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