Health and Development Association (ANAM), Maniema

ANAM is a registered NGO with the provincial government.


Kindu, Maniema province
The Kindu and Kunda health zones in Maniema province

Sectors of Intervention



In November 1991, ten young people from Kindu founded a small health center called Kindu Health (Kindu Santé) to respond to the great local need for health care. In 1993, this group became ANAM (Afia na Maendeleo) and established a hospital in cooperation with the Belgian development agency (CTB) and the provincial health authorities. This hospital evolved into an important source of medical care for the residents in Kindu, but after CTB funding ended in 2002, ANAM had to restructure its activities and look for funding locally in order to sustain the running cost of the organization. In the effort to develop an internal sustainability strategy, the organization integrated other activities such as education about HIV/AIDS, potable water projects, and rehabilitation of health structures.


Promote social and medical action that enables people to receive medical care and lead healthy lives.



  • Provide quality medical care
  • Promote public health through collaborative efforts between local organizations and government agencies
  • Support and encourage community participation in management of health-care facilities
  • Rehabilitate medical structures
  • Train public health workers and educate the community about public health


Populations Served

ANAM strives to improve health care for the entire population in the health zones where it works, but also has specific activities for women.



  • Public health provision: ANAM provides medical services through its hospital, including specialty programs for pregnant women and young women.
  • Construction: ANAM constructs and rehabilitates health centers.
  • Vaccination programs: ANAM promotes and conducts vaccination programs for
  • pregnant women and children up to age five.
  • Community mobilization: ANAM ensures community participation in the management of health facilities.



The supreme governing body is the general assembly, which meets every two years andelects the board of directors. The board meets four times a year and oversees the development andoperations of ANAM. A monitoring committee conducts an annual internal audit of ANAM’sfinances and equipment. ANAM has 26 staff, including one doctor, four nurses, and one publichealth expert.

ANAM has a bank account with BIC in Goma. For financial, administrative, and personnelmanagement, ANAM has:

  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management; hiring and personnel issues;and purchasing policies and procedures: YES
  • A computerized accounting system: NOA clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES



  • Well established and well respected in the community
  • Provides important medical services to the community
  • Well organized and well managed




  • Increase the knowledge of its staff and expand its services to new areas
  • Computerize its accounting system


Funders and Budget

ANAM has an annual budget of $450,000. Funders are Oxfam Novib and Le fond social (funds from the Congolese government).



  • Constructed and equipped 18 modern maternity centers in Kasongo territory
  • Constructed six classrooms and an administrative office for the health institute at Kipaka
  • In 2010, trained more than 250 health-care workers in safe motherhood
  • Provided medicine to 12 health centers
  • In 2010, received and treated 2,569 inpatients


Organizational Vision

Create a Maniema community that is healthy and self-reliant in terms of medical service provision.

Project Proposals


  • Constructing a primary school: ANAM seeks funds to construct and equip the Sengamali Institute in the village of that name, in Kasongo territory. This school will consist of eight classrooms for boys and girls, an administrative office, an office for teachers, and latrines. Cost: $94,700
  • Improving health care for women and children in the Kunda health zone: ANAM will rehabilitate ten existing maternities and construct one new one; equip the maternities with medications and modern equipment; establish solar panels at each maternity to provide it with electricity; and provide other services and equipment to improve maternal and infant health. Cost: $265,000
  • Assisting female sexual violence survivors: ANAM will pay for medical care and testing for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases for female survivors of sexual violence in the Kunda health zone. Cost: $44,000



Tati Kabengwa Ramazani, coordinator, +243.994.401.978,

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