Action for the Rural Development of Punia (ADRPU), Maniema

ADRPU is registered as an NGO with the provincial government.


Punia, Maniema province
ADRPU’s primary activities are in Punia territory, but its radio broadcasts reach other territories in Maniema and Orientale provinces.

Sectors of Intervention

Food security; health; environment; media; conflict prevention


In 1995, five men and women who were originally from Punia, but then living in Kinshasa,formed ADRPU (Action pour le développement rural de Punia) to support development intheir homeland. In the mid-1990s, socioeconomic conditions in the Punia area grew worse, due todeteriorating infrastructure in the region and the general decline then taking place in DRC (thenZaire). The founders contributed their own money to launch ADRPU and to support projects onsocioeconomic development and health. In 2006, UNDP provided funding that enabled ADRPUto start a community radio station, called Voice of Punia (Sauti ya Punia), which is the only operationalradio station in Punia and therefore of great importance to the local community. ADRPU hascreated 37 clubs, village-level community groups that receive support in terms of seeds, tools, andhealth education from ADRPU. In addition, the clubs provide news to the radio station, which isbroadcast throughout the Punia area. ADRPU is well respected in Punia territory and one of the fewfunctioning groups having a real impact in the community.


Contribute to the development of Punia territory and the well-being of its population.


  • Invest in community development activities
  • Inform and train the communities of Punia
  • Facilitate the people’s access to medical care
  • Contribute to the eradication of diseases caused by malnutrition

Populations Served

The population of Punia territory


  • Radio station: ADRPU operates the only functioning radio station in Punia: the Voiceof Punia. ADRPU has 37 clubs in Punia territory that gather information and provide itto the radio station for broadcast. The station also provides airtime for local communitybasedorganizations to talk about their work, and to government officials and agencies.
  • CBO formation: ADRPU is developing plans to transform its 37 clubs into community-based organizations that implement their own programs on agriculture, public health,and other issues of community importance.
  • Public health education: ADRPU uses community meetings, printed materials, and radiobroadcasts to educate the community about HIV/AIDS and other public health topics.



ADRPU has a general assembly, which meets once every three years and is the supreme governing body. The members of the general assembly include the founders of ADRPU, who reside in Kinshasa, plus the local members and supporters in Punia. The general assembly elects the board of directors, which consists of five people who meet every six months in Punia. The board implements the directives of the general assembly, oversees ADRPU’s activities, and develops ADRPU’s annual work plan. The board hires ADRPU’s employees in a process that is not open, but which draws upon the expertise of people already affiliated with the organization. ADRPU has nine
employees: four are permanent staff and five have annual contracts.  ADRPU has accounts with BIC in Kinshasa and with a cooperative in Kindu. For financial, administrative, and personnel management, ADRPU has:
  • A procedures manual with policies for financial management; hiring and personnel issues; and purchasing policies and procedures: NO
  • A computerized accounting system: NO
  • A clearly defined accounting process: YES
  • Clear procedures for management of payroll, petty cash, procurement, and disbursements: YES
  • Staff with the technical expertise to undertake projects: YES




  • A very active membership
  • An office and an operational radio station
  • One of the most active and important groups operating in Punia territory




  • Needs to build the capacity of its staff and to increase the strength of the organization through greater administrative and financial procedures
  • Materials to enable it to expand its work, including means of transport (motorbikes), office equipment (computers, printers, etc.), and improved seeds to distribute to area farmers
  • Greater partnerships with national and international organizations
  • Greater resources to maintain its radio equipment and studio


Funders and Budget

ADRPU’s annual budget is approximately $30,000. Funders include FAO and the organization’s founders and supporters.



  • Maintains the only operational radio station in Punia, providing vital news and educational programs to the community
  • Provides seeds and tools to farmers
  • Promotes information about HIV/AIDS and other public health issues


Organizational Vision

In the future, ADRPU would like to expand its activities to cover northern Maniema province and to have greater partnerships with local, national, and international organizations.

Project Proposals


  • Capacity building: ADRPU would like to provide training for its staff in the areas of management, finance, strategic planning, and basic computer skills. As part of this project, ADRPU would like to acquire computers, printers, and other basic office equipment. Cost: $11,000
  • Supporting farmers: ADRPU would like to provide training, seeds, and tools to the members of its 37 clubs. Cost: $14,550



Paul Mahamba, coordinator, +243.812.143.764,

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