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ECI Weekly News for Friday, August 26


In 2011, Eastern Congo Initiative began a bold journey to revitalize the Congolese coffee sector. Together with USAID, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and Catholic Relief Services, we developed a public-private partnership called Kawaha Bora Ya Kivu (KBYK) - which means 'Kivu fine coffee' in Swahili.

“We tell them that this step ‘comes first,’ I guess, and afterward, maybe the government will think about vaccination.” — Ir Nobikana Nganabo Esperance

As globe-threatening yellow fever epidemic explodes in Congo, people ask ‘where is the vaccine?’ - Emily J. Baumgaertner, Washington Post - read

The richest, riskiest tin mine on Earth - The Economist read

Rwanda, DR Congo farmers agree deal to ease trade - The New Times - read

Glencore delays resumption of Katanga production to early 2018 - Reuters - read

The danger of fighting fire with fire - Muhindo Sengenya Claude, IRIN - read

U.S. sanctions Kony's sons for ivory trafficking following Enough Project research - Rachel Finn, Enough Project - read

UN blasts DR Congo arrests after strike call - AFP - read

DR Congo elections: Opposition strike cripples Kinshasa - BBC - read

Congo pardons 24 critics to ease political tension - Aaron Ross, Reuters read

Katumbi vows to return to the DRC soon despite 'political trial' - Africa News - read

"Taking Sides": The challenges of impartiality in UN peacekeeping operations - Alexandra Novosseloff, Emily Paddon Rhoads, Jason Stearns, Global Peace Operations Review - read

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African films explore our sense of time - Voice of America - read