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“Without it being tough, without me leaving my family at 16 and going to Yemen and going to Spain before I was able to accomplish my dream, I never would have learned the lesson of life. I never would have learned the lesson of giving back and how to reach out to the community.” — Bismack Biyombo

This NBA millionaire won’t forget growing up poor in Africa - Marc J. Spears, The Undefeated - read

Gender-based Violence
Journalist Lauren Wolfe reported on a horrendous war crime. Hours later the perpetrators were arrested -  Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch read

Congo kicks out activists who were investigating logging - Aaron Ross, Reuters -read

DRCongo to scrap illegal China logging contracts - AFP - read

DRC Helios Towers secures US$105 million funding - IT News Africa - read

AfDB backing Democratic Republic of Congo’s electricity coverage - ESI Africa -read

Congo agrees to mining companies' demands to resume VAT repayments - Aaron Ross, Reutersread

Banro sets new production records at DRC gold mines - Mining Weekly - read

Training on decentralization in the health sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo - USAID - read

WHO launches yellow fever vaccine campaign in Angola, DRCongo - AFP - read

What can the United Nations do when its troops can’t, or won’t, protect civilians? - Somini Sengupta, New York Times - read

UN Congo mission expects presidential election to be delayed - AP - read

Kabila adviser says Congo leader will quit, but not this year - Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg - read

Congo opposition leader says talks must lead to vote this year - Alan Katz, Thomas Wilson, Bloomberg - read

Congolese presidential candidate urges use of sanctions to bring about democratic change in DRC -Ashish Kumar Sen, Atlantic Council read

Support for facilitation of national dialogue in the Democratic Republic of Congo -John Kirby, US Department of State read

Setting the record straight on China’s engagement in Africa - David Dollar, Brookings read

Clinton and Trump will be OK post-election, but what about candidates in Africa? - Mike Rettig, The Hill - read

Mandela or Mobutu Moment in South Sudan? - John Prendergast, The Daily Beast -read

Other DRC News
Gorillas are being killed and eaten by miners in the Congo - James Temperton, Wired - read